We test our society healthy!

Our solution is the VICARE RAPID quick test

A test procedure as safe as the PCR laboratory test and
at the same time as easy, quick and cheap as antigen tests.

Already successfully used for months in Austria and other countries.

We make testing much safer!​

Our goal is simple: a test as safe as the PCR laboratory test, but much faster, cheaper and mobile.

Test up to 96 people in a single run. “Pooling” increases your test capacity to up to 1,920 tests.

Everything you need for the VICARE RAPID testing fits in the trunk of any car.






A rapid test that will detect a SARS-CoV-2 infection

for sure already shortly after an infection

VICARE RAPID is a test procedure that uses the RT-LAMP technology.






RT-LAMP stands for Reverse Transcriptase Loop-mediated isothermal AMPlification.

It is a highly sensitive method for the detection of viruses and other pathogens that has been tested and proven for decades.

It’s as good as PCR, only faster and much cheaper.


Our solution: VICARE RAPID –
a proven, certified, safe, flexible and inexpensive
diagnostic procedure

The commercially available Covid-19 self-tests or rapid tests only require a very high virus load, which usually takes up to 3-5 days after being infected with Covid-19. But at this point in time it is most likly, that the with SARS-CoV-2 sickend person has already infected other people in their private and professional lives.

The reliability of our VICARE RAPID test is comparable to that of a complex PCR laboratory test, since VICARE RAPID is capable to reliably identify at least 97.7% of the infected as well as 97.8% of healthy people.






Covid-19 – Avoid false tests with a high degree of certainty

The curent risk, that a person, who has been incorrectly tested as healthy will infect other people in his/her environment is and remains too great. The only way, how we really can protect us from the infection with SARS-CoV-2 is to percisely and reliably detect infected persons way before they start infecting others. 

The opening of schools and universities might fail because of this fact. And companies might also continue to go into a partial or total quarantine again and again due to outbreaks of corona mutant infections.

All of this could be avoided if (in addition to the time consuming and expensive PCR tests), the comparably safe and much more cost-effective and faster method of VICARE SOLUTION would be used across the board.


Detecting SARS-CoV-2 quickly and easily

Safer and faster back to the “New Normal” thanks to

VICARE RAPID is the decisive game changer in the current Covid-19 testing strategy: live carefree finally again! Greet and hug family and friends. Going to restaurants, theaters, concerts, football stadiums as well as shopping, thanks to VICARE RAPID.

Scalable and mobile – we test anywhere and thousands of people in a few hours ​

Effective on site: Our testing laboratory fits in every reception hall, in a tent or in a van. An individual test shows the test result after round about 30 minutes. With pooling, up to 1,920 people can be tested with a test street in one go.

Simple and certified

At any time, mobile, simple and very reliable: You do not need any special laboratory personnel for our test, because our RT-Lamp process is simple and can be carried out safely even by laypeople after a short training session. (If desired, we set up a contact to our partners who train you and your staff on site or digitally).

The entire equipment from a single source –
tested, certified and with delivery guarantee






You want to be sure that the delivery arrives on time and in the quality that you expect. Our cooperation partner, the Federal Association of Goods and Transport with more than 6,500 members in Germany alone, is our partner for transport, storage and logistics.

In this way we can ensure that, in addition to the test kits, you also receive the necessary equipment for testing promptly on the agreed date. Thanks to the production in Germany, high quality and quantity are guaranteed. Regardless of how long the current pandemic will be with us.

The game changer for a successful Covid-19 test strategy
was co-developed in Germany

German and Austrian researchers have developed the basis for the VICARE RAPID process in close cooperation and intensive joint collaboration. A team of experts has risen to the challenge of optimizing these RT-LAMP processes for flexible, mobile, fast, scalable and, above all, safe use.

The result is a worldwide unique procedure with which individuals, small teams or even thousands of people can be safely tested in a very short time.

In other words:
… with VICARE RAPID the football league could take securely place in front of fans again. Concerts, operas, theater or cabaret can be experienced live by spectators again securely. Festivals with thousands of people could be carried out safely, travelers could be tested at low cost or our children could finally returned to “normal” life in order to learn, live, play and simply experience childhood.






 Ideal for hospitals / clinics, schools, universities,
companies, authorities, airports and events​ of any kind






With our VICAR RAPID test you offer your employees, customers and your family an extremely reliable Covid-19 test:

Playing it safe with rapid antigen tests? No way! If you really want to secure your sales and business operations, then test properly and save yourself the time as well as the expense of the ineffective rapid antigen tests. Like the PCR method, VICARE RAPID is based on virus genetic detection of the Corona virus.

Pooling of tests is a simple method to significantly increase the testing throughput (the number of simultaneous tests made).
And VICARE RAPID is capable of pooling samples: e.g. collect the individual pupil samples of a school class and combine them in one test. If the result of this test is negative, then you know, that the hole class is Covid-19 free. And in case that the test result is positiv, you know that at least one person from the “pool” is infected; and (only) then you need to retest the allready given samples again in a second test round and reliably identify the infected person(s).
This method increases the capacity from 96 individual samples up to  1,920 propositus, so that you safely can even test large schools.


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