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Point of Care

Hospital, retirement home, care

More and more press reports address the weaknesses of the current test strategy of the federal and state governments. Too many people get false test results! The rapid tests are nowhere near as reliable and informative as hoped! In our opinion, it will not be long before the federal and state governments classify the current strategy of self-tests and rapid tests as a failure! You and your test centers are an important part of the current test and vaccination strategy.
Become a partner of VICARE RAPID and test as good as a PCR laboratory.

Event industry

A game changer for the event industry
An inexpensive alternative for the safe implementation of events

Trade fairs, concerts, conferences – almost nothing has been going on in the event industry for a year. Every third company is threatened with bankruptcy. Some organizers are experimenting with smaller solutions. Concepts where the PCR laboratory test is already taken into account in the entry price. An event quickly increases by 50 – 80 € abroad to over 120 – 150 €.
With VICARE RAPID you can test for PCR Standard without much effort and in less than 30 minutes at an unbeatable low price of less than € 20. Regardless of whether you are expecting 100, 200 or tens of thousands of visitors.


Protection against the next company lockdown
Secure against failure and loss of customers

Corona-related plant closings in the food industry, including the meat industry and various asparagus farmers, attracted media attention. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You can hardly find any valid figures because the companies shut down “quietly”. As little attention as possible in the press is the top priority. Testing people and disinfecting all contact surfaces is well-intentioned advice. Ultimately, however, very few companies can ignore the costly PCR tests. The costs for tracking, hygiene and PCR tests are only a small item, measured against the loss of sales and a possible long-term loss of trust among customers.
With VICARE RAPID you test preventively and as an accompanying measure. You immediately identify all infected employees and thus secure your performance as well as your reputation with customers and partners.


Bus, train or ship
Day tours and short trips are possible again thanks to VICARE RAPID

Day and short tours by bus, train or ship have been in great demand in Germany for years. But this industry has also been bummed out in Germany for months and it is time to start again soon. The desire to be uncomplicated on tour for a few days, to enjoy the freedom, to visit beautiful places and to feel good in community – after the never-ending pandemic – increases enormously.

Any tour operator who now appears on the market with a safe offer will hardly be able to save themselves from customers.
With VICARE Rapid you can test yourself and your guests with little effort, in less than 30 minutes, on the PCR standard and at an unbeatable price (of less than 20 €), in order to obtain security for up to 72 hours.


An evening at the opera, in concert, theater, ballet or cabaret
Try it out easily and experience culture together

Indoor events will probably only be possible to a limited extent for months. At least not with full rooms as in the past, because the danger of the unsafe antigen self-tests or the high costs as well as the delay in the PCR tests prevent many from filling their rooms.
All you need is a small laboratory from mobile laboratory providers, who can carry out on-site tests with the VICARE RAPID rapid, which tests upto 940 people in 30 minutes at the same time. If more visitors are to be tested, all one needs is a second test unit.

More over, enjoying a wine in the restaurant afterwards,  is also possible, because with VICARE RAPID you receive a test result that is valid for up to 72 hours.

Educational institutions

Open schools and kindergartens safely
Let’s let our children play and learn together again

We now know that our children are among the most vulnerable groups in the population. And there is currently no vaccination strategy for children under the age of 12. In Germany, children will soon be tested up to two times a week using the more expensive PCR method. However, the result is only available on the following day (and only if the whole process runs smoothly). But VICARE RAPID offers a real alternative. Samples can be taken using the well-known lolly test and pooling. The evaluation takes place promptly on site and the binding result is available only half an hour later.
In addition to a lot of time and effort for logistics, you save a plenty of money with VICARE RAPID and its associated process. Because VICARE RAPID (based on the RT-LAMP method) is only slightly more expensive than the unsafe antigen test. 

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