Soccer, handball, ice hockey or basketball in front of spectators again? Experience the national football league, Champions League, World or European Championships live in the stadiums? This is possible with VICARE RAPID.

In contrast to the time consuming and expensive PCR laboratory tests, the Vicare Rapid rapid test is based on the renowned RT-LAMP method, which is faster and cheaper than the PCR test and, moreover, can be carried out anywhere on the basis of a small laboratory. In the same way as the PCR laboratory test, the RT-LAMP method detects the SARS COV 2 infection on a biomolecular level. Which means that Covid-19 infections are already reliably detected shortly after an infection.

But instead of transporting the samples to laboratories in order to evaluate them there and thus lose up to 24 hours of time, VICARE RAPID works on site and within just 30 minutes.

Even more, thanks to the innovation from VICARE and the special properties of the RT-LAMP process, up to 10 samples can be safely pooled. Over 940 people can be safely tested in a single 30-minute process.

A single mobile diagnostic module fits into a any car. If you use ten of these modules, for example, you can offer up to 9,400 fans protection from the Corona Virus within 30 minutes