This does not work with the current rapid antigen test used

Back to the new normal is what everyone wants! A relaxing shopping tour in the heart ofthe city? Going out with friends to a restaurant? Things that now a days seem like “winning the lottery”.

And so more and more “model regions” open in Germany. But unfortunately this increases the risk of local Covid 19 pandemic herd.

According to the RKI (Robert Koch Institute), rapid antigen tests only offer a security of a little more than 60%. This means that out of 10 actually infected people, only 6 people can be diagnosed with certainty, when using the current Covid-19 antigen tests. Which means, that 4 infected people, who are possibly already contagious, are not recognized and thus spread the virus to other people. Only when the virus load is so high, that a antigen test works reliable, the patient will become aware of his situation. But in reality this only will happen with the next test, which usually takes place two days later.

And now imagine, how easy it could be to design model regions safely using the RT-LAMP method. So certain that local pandemic spots can be almost completely ruled out. Because with VICARE RAPID, infected people – who are not contagious yet – can be reliably detected within 30 minutes. This means that further infections can almost be avoided.