The story of VICARE SOLUTION began in 2020 with 5 people who founded a “think tank” in Switzerland. A catalyzer to bring people together from all regions of the world, on issues of health and the protection of nature.
With their long and international experience in business as well as in science, they are primarily engaged to accompanying and realizing of an effective and efficient transition from a (scientific) idea to practice; in other words: to manage medical inventions and to bring them to market maturity in well-designed projects.

This is the basis on which the current VICARE RAPID process was initiated. Scientists from Austria and Germany developed – in less than 3 months – a reliable diagnosis kit for SARS-CoV-2 infections, which includes all previously known mutations. (Of course, the scientists continue to follow what is happening in order to guarantee the safety of the test as soon as possible if new mutations appear.) In addition, the VICARE SOLUTION developed a process model in cooperation with crisis managers that provides the building blocks for a cost-effective, scalable and, above all, cheaper alternative to the PCR testing method.

The building blocks of the model are:

  • Locally: largely independent of the current equipment with cost-intensive PCR technology
  • Simple: Even personnel who is not experienced in laboratory techniques can be qualified to carry out tests safely
  • Inexpensive: To prevent further mutations, the solution must also be affordable for emerging or developing countries
  • Low-Tech: It must be ensured that the tests can be carried out at any location in the world with “commercially available” equipment with little additional effort
  • Scalability: For mass testing, the “pooling procedure” might be taken into account, to quickly test thousands of people in an initial screening
  • Mobile: The test modules can be set up in a few minutes and may, if necessary, be moved in vans.

At the same time, experts from production and technology took care of questions relating to technical feasibility. In doing so, it built on numerous experiences in pandemic areas, especially in Africa, South America and Asia. Known techniques have been further developed and combined into a system that fully meets the requirements of the crisis manager.

Last but not least, managers from various corporations have come together. Some have returned from retirement and are now committed to VICARE Solution. Others have dealt intensively with the challenges in addition to their main job in their free time and as a team we support the common goal.


Dr. Oliver Emmert 
PhD of biochemistry
Responsible for the overall management of the Vicare Solution GmbH, Germany

Oliver Emmert looks back on almost two decades of building and managing companies. His various contacts to international research groups were key in getting two Austrian universities to participate.

Oliver Emmert is CEO of the VICARE Solution in Essen – the German operational unit – that is primarily dedicated to introducing the VICARE RAPID test in Europe. But he doesn’t work entirely without self-interest either – his drive comes primarily from the goal of making a contribution to ensuring that his four children can finally find their way back to a normal life.

Dr. Oliver Emmert is available for questions about the special in-vitro diagnostics based on the RT-LAMP method. He is also the first point of contact for inquiries from the press, because no one of the team can explain the advantages of this test as understandable as Oliver Emmert.

Arnd Jakubeit
Global sales manager
In addtion Member of the board of directors of the Vicare Solution AG, Switzerland

Arnd Jakubeit has been part of the Vicare Solution team from day one and his many years of experience in building national and international sales and managing sales structures is the basis for the successful development of Vicare Solution sales.

If you have any questions about the product and the possible uses, as well as if you are interested in a customer partnership, Arnd Jakubeit is available at any time. 

Martin Lempert
Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Vicare Solution AG, Switzerland

Martin Lempert has been part of the Vicare Solution team since August 2022. As Managing Director, with many years of experience in Switzerland, he is happy to take on all tasks that need to be solved for our customers.

Personal contact, deliveries in time and, of course, a high level of service are always at the forefront for the qualified nurse and paramedic.



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