VICARE Solution GmbH from Essen is a company in Germany that uses the RT-LAMP procedure for pandemic situations. In cooperation with partners from German and Austrian universities, we have succeeded in making the worldwide approved RT-LAMP method for the current application on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its mutants much more robust, faster and easier. With partners from industry, crisis management and application research, it was possible to further develop the process for mobile, flexible and scalable use on site in a short period of time. Strategies such as “pool testing” can be used to test up to 3,700 people per hour on a single system. In addition, VICARE SOLUTION has a network of experienced crisis managers with international experience in dealing with pandemic situations. These experts support governments and companies worldwide in the development and implementation of efficient and effective test strategies based on VICARE RAPID®


Contact for the press:

Dr. Oliver Emmert, CEO, +49 (172) 3180757, 
Arnd Jakubeit, Marketing & Sales, +49 (178) 7908 109,

Hutropstrasse 60
45138 Essen, Germany