VICARE RAPID protects your company 

from a lockdown.

Secure your entrepreneurial ability to act:

The VICARE RAPID test makes it possible.


Do you want to ensure that your company continues to run smoothly even in pandemic times and that the risk of infection is reduced to zero? Then rely on the unique VICARE RAPID test procedure, which detects whether an employee is positive before the first corona symptoms appear.

A sensible strategy in the fight against the corona pandemic includes not only vaccination but also reliable tests. Scientists confirm: only through frequent testing it is possible to avoid infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, to identify infected people and to interrupt the chains of infection at an early stage.

In cooperation with two internationally renowned universities, VICARE SOLUTION GmbH has developed its own approved test procedure that quickly, easily and safely detects COVID-19 infections – including all currently known mutations. We test society healthily: Rely on our efficient test procedure!

As good as PCR, only much faster:

RT-LAMP – the next test generation.

VICARE RAPID is a test procedure that uses the RT-LAMP technology. RT-LAMP stands for Reverse Transcriptase Loop-mediated isothermal AMPlification. It is a proven, highly sensitive method for the detection of viruses and other pathogens.

VICARE SOLUTION GmbH has optimized the direct pathogen detection method in the past few months so that the test can be safely used even by laypeople without complex laboratory equipment after successful training by one of our trainers.

In addition to individual tests, VICARE RAPID also enables group tests, so-called pooling tests. This resource-saving option brings speed to testing: up to 1,920 people can be tested in one hour. So you not only save time, but also money


In comparison:

RT-LAMP test, PCR test und antigen quick test

Testing of SARS-CoV-2 quickly and
simply with VICARE RAPID.

who tests strategically,
plays it safe


The WHO approval requirements for a rapid antigen test state that it must detect 1 million copies per milliliter. This threshold is only reached after about 3-5 days, when a person might be already infectious. So that there is a high probability that other people have already been infected at this point in time.

Our VICARE RAPID test is different. Similar to a classic PCR test, it requires significantly fewer fours to detect the disease (around 200 copies per milliliter). The virus is detected even before a person knows that they are sick, and thus long before they can infect other people in their environment.

What this means for you: Through regular testing, virus carriers can always be detected in good time, chains of infection can be prevented and the disease can be treated at an early stage.


Easy to use,
reliable in diagnostics

The VICARE RAPID FL test procedure is not only simple, but can also be carried out at any time and at any desired location.*

* The German company VICARE SOLUTION GmbH has registered the product Vicare Rapid as in vitro diagnostics in Germany with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), so that Vicare Rapid can be recognized with a CE mark in Europe – and in all countries in which European medical devices are recognized.


one procedure, many advantages.

  • Approved medical device IVD
  • Easy to use with a gargle test or smear test
  • Quick result within 30 minutes
  • As sensitive as a PCR test, but with significantly shorter detection times
  • Simple test equipment
  • Minimal training effort
  • Meets the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI)
  • for tests in the national test strategy (TestV)
  • WHO listing for diagnostic SARS-CoV-2 tests applied for

All from a single source.

VICARE SOLUTION GmbH – your competent partner in setting up a complete, reliable test procedure.
With us you get everything from a single source: from sampling to the test infrastructure to personal protective equipment.

Our experts are at your disposal for individual advice. 

Our solutions
as answer to

Recently, we financed, researched and designed a test procedure called “VICARE RAPID”. Three detection tests were validated in cooperation with two internationally renowned universities. These methods quickly and easily recognize an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus – as well as all of its variants and mutations.

Our strategy: fast, accurate, cheap

Currently we are supporting a start-up that is developing a “point-of-care” test road for pharmacies, doctor’s practices, airports and major events.

In addition, we procure quality-assured laboratory and personal protective equipment such as FFP-2 masks, laboratory coats, gloves …


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